Perspektivwechsel: „FGM ist ein Ausdruck von Rassismus!“

Stimmt unser Blickwinkel, wenn wir die Bezeichnung Genitalverstümmelung wählen? Eine fast wütende Stimme fanden wir in einer afrikanischen Zeitung:


“How can an international movement only seek to stem female Genital “Mutilation” as they call it among non-white communities while pointedly ignoring the fact that white women undergo cosmetic genital mutilation themselves all in the name of labiaplasty? Is it the fact that plastic surgeons are the ones who perform this harmful procedure? Indeed, why is it that labiaplasty is even legal in western countries while FGM is illegal in the same country?

It’s just racism, plain and simple blatant in your face, RACISM. Even the term female genital MUTILATION is an expression of this racism. That when women of color undergo cutting of their labia they are MUTILATED but when white women undergo the same cutting they are still WOMEN. The fact that one form of genital cutting is illegal while the other is legal is just telling of the mindset of those who create such laws. Mutilation is a word I despise, and for the purposes of this article I substitute the M in FGM to mean MODIFICATION.”


“Why is FGM legal and healthy in white society but illegal and unhealthy among women of colour?”, Artikel von Betty Njoroge am 30.1.2014 in der Zeitung Kenya Today